NNI/NNT Careers Event in Bristol, 16 March 2010

On March 16th over 200 students attended the joint NNI and NNT South England and Wales careers conference held in the historic Wills Memorial Hall. The event was jointly organized by the Universities of Bath, Portsmouth and Westminster in collaboration with the University of Bristol who hosted the event. Presentations were given from the UN, European Commission, European Parliament, GCHQ, ITI, and several freelance translators and interpreters on different career paths for linguists.

The conference was accompanied by a careers exhibition made up of employers and course providers from around the UK and Europe. Attendees had the opportunity to meet with the speakers and discuss their career options during the coffee break as well as participate in a formal Q&A at the end of the afternoon.

Many students commented on how this event changed their thoughts on future careers and the possibility of undergraduate or postgraduate language studies with overwhelmingly positive feedback directed towards the different guests and their presentations.

All talks are available for free download in mp3 format.

The Wills Memorial Hall, University of Bristol

Recruiting Translators and Interpreters (Bath University – October 21st 2009)

{tab=About the event}

On October 21st Bath University welcomed 150 students from universities and schools across the South West to take part in the Careers in Interpreting and Translation conference.

The afternoon was divided into three sessions with presentations given by representatives from several major international organisations including the United Nations and European Commission, as well as freelance interpreters, translators and Bath alumni.

All presentations from the event are available online through the links below. You may be asked to install the free programme Microsoft Silverlight.


Professor Bill Brooks

University of Bath

{tab=Interpreting sessions}

Helen Campbell
Directorate General Interpretation European Commission (link to the institution)

Zhengren Li
Head of Interpreting
United Nations in Geneva (link to the institution)

Dimitri Agratchev
Head of the English Booth
United Nations in Vienna (link to the institution)

Ruth Griffiths
Head of the Language Unit
International Committee of the Red Cross (link to the institution)

Antonia Coleman
Public Service Interpreter

{tab=Translation sessions}

Angeliki Petritz
Directorate General Translation European Commission (link to the institution)

Steve Slade
Head of English Translation
International Court of Justice (link to the institution)

{tab=Alumni and Q&A}

Bath Alumni



Routes into Language Careers – University of Leeds (24 February, 2009)

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{tab=The second panel}


{tab=Event summary and feedback}

All undergraduate and postgraduate students who completed a feedback form agreed the Routes into Language Careers event was both interesting and enjoyable and that it had encouraged them to consider a languages related career.


“The event gave me ideas about what to do after graduation and what is valued by employers”
“It was great hearing a short account of various jobs and being able to ask questions”
“I appreciated the advice on careers routes and the opportunity to talk to languages professionals”
“The discussion panels were good, especially listening to the alumni experiences that we could relate to”
“I enjoyed listening to the personal experiences of the people who spoke and was amazed at how vast opportunities can be and how far they can take you”
“The employers fair gave an interesting insight into what firms are looking for”
“The event allowed me to get to know a broader range of career possibilities with languages. It was encouraging to hear how much work there is out there.”


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E-learning tools in interpreter training – University of Leeds (21 November, 2008)

The University of Leeds organised an international conference on online resources and E-learning tools. The main aim of the conference was to disseminate e-resources produced by the NNI among partners engaged in interpreting training and to demonstrate to RC partners how the resources can be used in language teaching. In addition to RC partners the conference was attended by speakers and delegates from Higher Education Institutions including ETI (Geneva), ESIT (Paris), Universities of Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield and Middlesex University.

pdf file Read the report (PDF format, 165KB)

pdf file Access Clare Donovan’s presentation (PPT format, 252KB)

pdf file Read Clare Donovan’s presentation script (PDF format, 24KB)

Routes into Language Careers – University of Leeds (27 February, 2008)

{tab=Event taster}

This is a 4’30” presentation of some of the highlights of this event which was organised mainly for school pupils and university students.

If you want to watch all the speeches which we filmed and broadcast live at the time, click on the tabs above:

  • Keynote speakers – session 1
  • Alumni panel 2
  • Keynote speakers – session 2

{tab=Keynote speakers – session 1 – Sally Reading}

Sally Reading

United Nations, Vienna

Opens presentation in PDF format Presentation slides (PDF format, no copying or printing allowed)


{tab=Keynote speakers – session 1 – Fiona Harris and Angeliki Petrits}

Fiona Harris and Angeliki Petrits

Directorate General for Translation
European Commission

Opens presentation in PDF format Presentation slides (PDF format, no copying or printing allowed)


{tab=Keynote speakers – session 1 – Ruth Linden}

Ruth Linden

The Regional Language Network
Yorkshire and the Humber

Opens presentation in PDF format Presentation slides (PDF format, no copying or printing allowed)


{tab=Keynote speakers – session 1 – Q&A}


{tab=Alumni panel 2}
The second alumni panel – speakers:
Aimee van Vliet
Debbie Elliot
Alice Tallents
Sarah Whitehouse


Unfortunately we do not have any video footage from the first alumni panel. We apologise for this. The speakers for the first panel were:

Catriona MacLeod
Christian Kuhrt
Christoph Roth
Rachel Taylor

{tab=Keynote speakers – session 2 – Helen Campbell and Alison Graves}

Helen Campbell and Alison Graves

Directorate General for Interpretation
European Commission and European Parliament respectively

Opens presentation in PDF format Presentation slides (PDF format, no copying or printing allowed)


{tab=Keynote speakers – session 2 – Discussion panel – Brian Fox chair}

Discussion panel chaired by Brian Fox

Directorate General for Interpretation (Director)
European Commission


  • David Smith – Head of English Unit, Directorate General for Interpreting, European Commission
  • Helen Campbell
  • Alison Graves


  • Robert Avery – Defence School of Languages