Thursday 25 April 2013 – University of Leeds Careers Evening


Thursday 25 April 2013
5.30– 6.40pm Parkinson Building, 1.08

The Diversity of Language Services
What kind of jobs are there for freelance and in-house linguists in international organisations and EU institutions?

Come along and find out about what jobs linguists do in the wider professional world

The Centre for Translation Studies is hosting a delegation of representatives from the UN (General Assembly), UN (African Union), ), European Space Agency, European Patent Office, and EU language services who will be talking about the work of linguists in their organisations.

Registration is obligatory. Please contact Nathaniel Elcock to register (

Careers in Interpreting and Translation Day 20/02/2013

The sixth major National Network for Interpreting (NNI) and Routes into Languages collaborative event took place in Leeds on 20 February 2013. The purpose of the day was to raise awareness of the range of varied and exciting career opportunities open to linguists, especially in interpreting and translation domains, and to inspire young people to continue studying languages at all levels.

About 150 Leeds and regional university students attended the event. The feedback was very rewarding. Participants commented that the event was a real eye-opener for them in terms of interesting career opportunities. They were particularly reassured by the career paths of the alumni.


10 April 2013, Careers in Language Conference – Bath

Interested in using your language skills in your career? Routes into Languages would
like to invite any 6th form and university students studying languages or with a
knowledge of foreign languages to attend our 2013 careers day hosted by Bath University.

Speakers from the United Nations and European Commission will give an in-depth
presentation on life as a translator and conference interpreter with live interpreting
demonstrations. All attendees will have the chance to take part in a professional editing
and proofreading workshop, as well as sit in on a mock-conference. There will be an
opportunity to talk with keynote speakers and staff during the coffee break and ask any
questions you may have.

10 April 2013, Careers in Language Conference – Bath

NNI organises Careers Evening for languages finalists and postgrads

On 31 March, from 5-6:30pm, the National Network for Interpreting hosted a delegation of high profile representatives from the UN, OECD, ILO, African Union Commission and EU language services. The visitors spoke to language students about the varied work opportunities their organisations hold for linguists.

The was organised in collaboration with the Centre for Translation Studies (CTS) at the University of Leeds. As well as offering careers talks (including an informal lunchtime session) to students from Leeds and neighbouring institutions, visitors benefited from CTS research staff members’ expertise, attending workshops to enhance their English skills and gain a deeper working knowledge of machine translation systems.

Event Poster.

NNI at ALT-C 2010

ALT-C is the largest annual e-learning event in the UK attended by the crème de la crème of instructional designers and learning technologists (more than 500 of them usually), so it really is a big deal.

You can imagine how proud the NNI project was to be present at ALT-C 2010 with three (yes, you have heard us right: THREE) different NNI instalments:

Interpreting Skills Map @ ALT-C 2010

  • one demo of the Note -Taking multimedia interactive resource which was shortlisted for the Epigeum video award (yes, the diploma should say NNI instead of Dragos’ name and we were tempted to Photoshop it … 😉 )

  • a 30-minute demo of our resources and how we managed to make them so appealing, interactive, and media-rich (the demo started with the following short and funky presentation and then we looked at 7 of our most popular resources in more detail)

All in all, it was great fun and the NNI must have set some kind of a record: first time in with the big players and already doing lots of presenting and networking. Have a look at the resources on our website and see why we were so successful at ALT-C 2010.