NNI at ALT-C 2010

ALT-C is the largest annual e-learning event in the UK attended by the crème de la crème of instructional designers and learning technologists (more than 500 of them usually), so it really is a big deal.

You can imagine how proud the NNI project was to be present at ALT-C 2010 with three (yes, you have heard us right: THREE) different NNI instalments:

Interpreting Skills Map @ ALT-C 2010

  • one demo of the Note -Taking multimedia interactive resource which was shortlisted for the Epigeum video award (yes, the diploma should say NNI instead of Dragos’ name and we were tempted to Photoshop it … 😉 )

  • a 30-minute demo of our resources and how we managed to make them so appealing, interactive, and media-rich (the demo started with the following short and funky presentation and then we looked at 7 of our most popular resources in more detail)

All in all, it was great fun and the NNI must have set some kind of a record: first time in with the big players and already doing lots of presenting and networking. Have a look at the resources on our website and see why we were so successful at ALT-C 2010.

NNI resource wins prestigious JORUM commendation

The National Network for Interpreting would like to thank all the members of the community who have voted for our entry in this year’s JORUM competition.

Our resource has been awarded a commended prize and will be presented live at ALT-C 2010 on Wed, 8 September, in a dedicated slot between 5.15 and 6 pm. Do come and say Hello if you are in the neighbourhood. For full details of the final six resources, please follow this link.

The NNI would like to thank JORUM for the initiative and also to congratulate all the participants in this competition.